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An Algebra II class decided to send me thank you notes.
The students are the important critics.
Here's what the students say about their Math Lab experience.

Having the opportunity to reinforce what we learn in lecture has helped immensly. When we go to the computer lab I understand the information more thoroughly and do better on the tests. Thank you for your time and effort which has gone into making the lab possible. --Keri

I appreciate you giving your time to us and spending so much of it writing programs for us to apply the skills we learn in class. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Jennifer

...Often I do not understand the chapter that we are covering. Then I go to the Math Lab. I always leave the Math Lab feeling not only more confident in my ability in math, but I also feel better about myself! Thanx. Kim

Thanks so much for helping us all learn that math can be fun! Sarah

Thank you for spending all of your time and energy to help us learn! It helps me so much! You are doing an awesome job! Keep up the good work! Thanks, Brooke

Ms Howe is great, she makes wonderful analogies which which really stimulate my neural pathways in order to remember the important information learned in the mathematical laboratory. She makes learning easy and fun. My average scores on mathematical chapter tests have proven to be higher on the chapers in which we went to the math lab --Ryan

I feel that the mathalogical lab at Farragut High School is truely one of our greatest educational assets. It applies hands on learning techniques that make learning math even more fun than it already is. Mrs. Howe does a fantastic job creating the problems and programs and then coordinating them for class activities. My grades have shown a drastic improvement since working in the math lab, and I give all the credit to Mrs. Howe. Thank you for all your help in the math lab. The programs you have in the lab are valuable to students not only because they teach and reinforce math skills, but also because they allow us to become more familiar with computers and other technology. Thank you! Tiffany

Thanks to you I am doing well in Algebra II. Sometimes I donít fully understand the things we go over in class. When our class goes to the Math Lab, the programs that you have created help me to better understand what I am missing in class. Thanks. Michelle

Thank you so much for using your time to teach us in the math lab. You are a wonderful teacher. You have helped me to understand Algebra II so much more with the lab. You are one of the best teachers I have ever had cause you teach us things in a way that we can understand them and make it fun at the same time. One of the great things about you is that after you get done teaching the class you go around and help us individually if we need it. And if we donít, you tell us weíre doing good. You are extremely caring and we appreciate you taking your time to make new programs for us and for teaching us. Sincerely, Yaura

As you can see, the kids like the Lab. They find the programs helpful, but they still need the personal touch of a teacher. They always will. It is my hope that my software can make it possible for other teachers to give that 'little bit extra' that makes all the difference in education...L. Howe.

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