About the Artist

Elisabeth Irene Cunningham

"There is more knowledge in one leaf than can be read in many books,
if only we knew the language of God."

Lisa Cunningham is a native Tennesseean and a Graduate of King College with a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. In all her paintings she has tried to capture places and memories of special significance to her. Her love for the grand mountainscapes and woodlands of East Tennessee is reflected in many of her paintings.

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park has always been a favorite vacation site for my family. It was also the road from home to Grandma's and Grandpa's place in Georgia. Our numerous 'trips to Grandma's' were accompanied by BBC recordings of Tolkien's Ring Trilogy. A simple drive through the National Park set my imagination on fire: the Smoky Mountains became the Misty Mountains of Middle Earth.

The pictures of endless trails and groves of trees are taken from the small nature trail that runs beside King's campus. The silhouetted trees set against the fiery sunsets stem from autumn skies seen from the back steps of Kings' own Bristol Hall. Both of these places on campus hold special memories of talks with friends or solo meditations.

"I graduated May 2, 1998 from King College. I am currently working at Boise Cascade Office Products to pay our bills. I work when I can I work at the Art's Center in Abingdon teaching short art projects to little children. I am also working for my mother as a Sales Representative for her software in her company Howe2 Software. Finally, I am painting whenever I have the time, and striving to get my work into shows and exhibits."

"I got married last year to one of the most wonderful, tender-hearted men in the whole world. His name is Michael Thomas Cunningham, he is an English major at King College. He is an editor for The KAY*SEE*AN, King's school newspaper. He is considering teaching High School when he graduates (in May of 2000), while in the evening he would try to take courses toward a Masters Degree. In a perfect world we would be the happiest with him writing at home and me painting at home, and (here's the rub) making a living at it. Michael and I had a Scottish wedding in Knoxville, Tennessee on May 16, 1998."
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"Both of my parents have pages on the web. My father, David Howe is a minister at Ebenezer Presbyterian Church. My mother, Leslie Howe is a math teacher and also designs software for use in her work (she is the Math Lab Coordinator at Farragut High School ). They live in Knoxville, Tennessee . My husband's parents Carol and Jerry Cunningham live in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. Jerry works for the Government (reviewing Day Care facilities) and Carol works with her mother at their own dress shop (Miss Marie's Fashions) that specializes in square dance dresses."

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