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Custom Class Notes Calendar Generator

Do you have web space, and nothing to post online?

Howe-Two Software is pleased to present this Calendar Generating tool that can be used to create a customized calendar for you to post on your internet site. Students will then be able to easily access their class notes on their home computers.

To use this free resource, you will need access to publish files to the internet. It is recommended that you keep a copy of all your HTML files on your computer. This calendar assumes that every week day will have an HTML page named for the day of the week. Weekends are automatically excluded.
EXAMPLES: The file name for the notes of January 15th is Jan15.html (or Jan15.pdf), April 1st is Apr1.html (or Apr15.pdf), etc. 

View an Example of the Recommended Directory Structure

There is a list of standard web pages at the bottom of this page that you can use if you don't have class notes for a particular day. 




Input your name:  


Input your class name/course title:  


NOTE: One class per calendar. 


Input your school's name  




NOTE: This will open your custom calendar in a new window.  


Access the "View" menu on your custom calendar window and select the "Source" option 


NOTE: A third window displaying the HTML for your calendar will appear. 


Access the "File" menu on the HTML code window and select the "Save As" option 


NOTE: A "Save As" pop-up window will appear. 


Browse to the appropriate folder (see example below step 9)  


NOTE: Each calendar must be saved in a separate folder.  


Input a file name for your custom calendar (EXAMPLE: index.html) 


Press the "Save" button 


Save and publish your notes daily to the same folder that contains the calendar


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