Teachers' Resources

Howe-Two Software is pleased to supply teachers with graphical resources.

The following graphics can be inserted into mathematical documents.

Polar Graph Grid

Graph Grid (10x10)

Graph Grid (5x5)

Solid Graph Grid

(full page pdf)

Darker Solid Graph Grid

(full page pdf)


Number Line
(-6 through 6)

Number Line
(-10 through 10)


Click on an image to view a larger version.
Right-click to save the larger version.


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            Word Users:  Use tables to make it possible to place text next to a graphic.

If a table is inserted in a document, a graphic can be placed in one cell and text placed in another cell.  If you don't want to see the borders, highlight the cells and select "Borders and Shading" under the Format menu.  Then choose "none" for border style.