Preliminary Research

By: Kellie Ivens

Kellie Ivens first and third period geometry classes were brought to the math lab and used the Definitions program, Angle Problems, Traveling Transversals and Parallel Problems, Quadrilateral Quiz, Tesselmania (Mecc software) and Special Triangles.
Kellie conducted research on the Definitions program for Chapter one and two. She gave a 20 question quiz on the definitions after teaching the unit but before coming to the lab and then again after using the review program in the lab. Her results were as follows:
		    Number of students 	Number of students
Percent  Number	    with score before 	with score after
Correct  Correct    coming to the lab.	coming to the lab.
100%       20		    3			20
 95%       19		    0			 0
 90%       18		    4			 2
 85%       17		    2			 1
 80%       16		    8			 1
 75%       15		    1			 0
 70%       14		    3			 1
 65%       13		    3			 1
 60%       12		    0			 1
 55%       11		    0			 0
 50%       10		    1		 	 0
 45%        9		    1			 0
 40%        8		    1			 1
 35%        7		    1			 0
    before coming to the lab	   after coming to the lab
    mean score was 75.7% 	   mean score was 92.1%
    mode at 80%			   with a mode at 100%
    median was at 80%		   median was 100%
Kellie also conducted a survey of student reaction to lab activities. Students stated that they liked Tesselmania the best. Many students left the open question “Which program did you like least?” blank. Those who responded to this question listed the Quadrilateral Quiz most often (8 entries). An unexpected response was noted in the answer to the third question, “Which program helped you the most?” Thirteen students said the Quadrilateral Quiz, helped them the most. Fifteen students said the Definitions program helped them the most. Ten of Kellie’s students responded that “all of them” helped them learn. Kellie noted that quite often a student would state that the program they “liked least” also helped them "the most." Kellie’s survey also revealed that the students preferred learning concepts in the lab (Forty-eight out of fifty-three) to text book activities. Forty said they would like for there to be more computer activities and the remaining students thought about the same amount was what is needed. Eleven said explicitly that they wanted to go to the lab more often.

A Focused Assessment of Geometry and the Math Lab
Evaluating the effectiveness of technology
Summary by Leslie Howe
Farragut High School
Knoxville, Tennessee